Frequently Asked Questions

Currently, the program itself is translated to Spanish and Portuguese(BR) language, but it can be translated to an unlimited number of languages​​. We have a separate program that is used for translation. It is very easy and fast. When you become our customer, you can have it for free. Shopping-cart and Admin panel are already translated into 20 languages. Software can use any Currency and it is able to display prices using different currencies.

Our software is WEB based software, using latest and secure technology. It is designed specially for new MLM businesses, containing all needed modules: responsive shopping-cart with replicating option and admin area, downline tracking, option to include your compensation plan, commission calculating etc. It is reasonably priced with option for installment payment. It is professional software and attractive to your downlines, giving them tools to track they business. Additional, we are ready to customise it based on your needs. Just contact us and we are ready!

Our software contains back-office MLM software and responsive shopping-cart with replicating option, using same data. That means, all invoices generated on shopping-cart or created using Invoice module on the MLM software are counted for commission calculation. Only condition is that Invoice is confirmed. With other words, software will take all confirmed invoices for chosen period and calculate commission based on your compensation plan. On that way, you have full controll on your MLM business. There are lot of other options but that's the logic - to have option to replicate shopping-cart with your products and to pay commission to those members who generated sales.